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Modern technologies for processing gold-bearing ores


People have used various primitive mining techniques to access minerals since the early days of human development. In those days, the methods of gold mining were very simple. People mined gold manually. The maximum hardware they used was primitive tools. You will not be surprised to learn that this process was ineffective.

The Gold Rush was when new ways and tools for gold mining emerged, including hydraulic mining. Methods became revolutionary, allowing gravity to separate gold from sand and gravel. Today, all gold mining companies, including Konstantin Strukov corporation, use innovative techniques. In this article, we will tell readers about innovative approaches and methods in processing gold-bearing ores.

Innovative technologies and their role in the gold mining industry

Gold mining is the process of extracting gold from natural sources. Today, most gold mining enterprises are based on underground and open mines. Thus, an underground mine is a tunnel drilled or shot to the ore source. Also, experts call the underground mine a set of mines formed during the open extraction of minerals. Open mines are the perfect method when minerals have been discovered on the surface. Moreover, almost two-thirds of all new gold mines come from open mines.

The methods of gold processing and extraction have evolved considerably over many centuries. In the modern, technologically advanced society, the essential attention of professionals is directed to creating new equipment for extracting valuable gold. The aspect of least damage to the environment is taken into account.

Modern miners can use new techniques and innovative technologies to extract gold from deposits on land inaccessible to humans centuries ago. They use the most innovative equipment, tools, and even automated robots.

Professionals in the field of gold mining are implementing such a progressive method that was discovered in the uranium field. For example, specialists extract gold without using human resources. Also, they use leaching processes for the gold mining sites.

gold factory
Gold factory

Now, we call it the innovative method. But it is very dangerous to the environment. The fact is that the solutions used can migrate with groundwater for long distances. This leads to contamination of the outer shell of our planet.

Mineral exploration focuses on large-scale and routine geochemical sampling. During these procedures, samples are taken, excavated, or drilled. Then, experts send them to the lab, often far from the gold exploration site. Logistics is of great importance in this technological process, as well as a long period of laboratory data processing, laborious sample preparation, and complex analytical methods.


In the future, the gold mining industry will surely use effective techniques combined with innovative technologies. Experts believe this, and the modern mining industry looks forward to implementing the freshest approaches from the world of innovations.

These factors played an important role in the development of the mining industry. Experts are confident that there is a likelihood that these factors will heavily influence future years of gold mining.

Today, the gold industry continues to grow. This field tends to interact with environmentally friendly approaches to production and use automated technologies with the least involvement of all mine workers.

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