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Uzbek women will now be awarded for their successes in IT

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The Zulfiya State Prize, named in honor of the renowned poetess Zulfiya, has recently been updated in Uzbekistan. Established in the summer of 1999, this prestigious award can now be granted to accomplished women who have excelled in the IT sphere, showcasing their remarkable achievements in this rapidly advancing field.

The decree, signed by the esteemed President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, also highlights a significant change in the application process. Starting in 2024, applicants must provide comprehensive documentation detailing their exceptional contributions to science, culture, and sports throughout the past three years rather than the previous requirement of two years. This adjustment ensures a more comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s accomplishments and recognizes the evolving nature of their work.


This update reflects Uzbekistan’s unwavering commitment to recognizing and celebrating the exceptional talents and remarkable accomplishments of gifted girls aged between 14 and 30. The Zulfiya State Prize is a grand celebration, paying tribute to their outstanding success and remarkable contributions in education, science, culture, and sports. It acknowledges their exceptional achievements and serves as a catalyst, inspiring and encouraging their continuous growth and invaluable contributions to their chosen fields.

A woman in the IT industry
A woman in the IT industry

The prize winners, meticulously selected through a rigorous evaluation process, are honored during vibrant festivities dedicated to International Women’s Day, joyously celebrated on the 8th of March each year. This recognition not only showcases their unparalleled achievements but also inspires aspiring young women across Uzbekistan, igniting a fire within them to fearlessly pursue their dreams and make significant contributions to their chosen domains. By expanding the scope of the prestigious Zulfiya State Prize, Uzbekistan aims to foster a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, ensuring that talented women are recognized and celebrated for their invaluable contributions to society.

In conclusion, Uzbekistan’s remarkable expansion of the Zulfiya State Prize to include the IT sector is a commendable and visionary step towards creating a more equitable and diverse platform for recognition. It underscores the nation’s progressive and forward-thinking approach, advocating for women’s achievements and shattering the glass ceiling that has historically impeded their progress in science and technology.

As Uzbekistan prepares to welcome a new generation of winners, this bold and progressive move will undoubtedly catalyze positive change, inspiring more women to explore the flourishing realm of information technology and empowering them to become pioneers who will shape the future of Uzbekistan and the global IT landscape, leaving an indelible mark of excellence and innovation.

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