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Activate Windows Permanently Without a Key – KMSAuto NET

KMSAuto Net is a small yet powerful program designed to activate Microsoft software products. It allows users to activate Windows versions from Vista and older without purchasing a license. Additionally, it supports the activation of Microsoft Office versions. It is recommended to visit and download the current version to use all the program’s features.

Renowned for its reliability and security, this activator is recommended by many users highly. One of its notable advantages is that it enables users to download and install system updates while using it, ensuring that your operating system remains up to date. With KMSAuto Net, you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of activated Microsoft software products.

How does KMSAuto NET work?

The utility creates a virtual server that Windows calls to activate the system (instead of the official Microsoft server). This virtual server acts as a sophisticated intermediary, generating a license key recognized by the system as a valid license. As a result, the system is successfully activated and functions seamlessly as a fully licensed copy, providing users with all the benefits and features they expect.

The Windows protection mechanism includes a function of repeated activation verification, which applies to “user” systems every 180 days. However, KMSAuto Net provides a solution to bypass this protection by creating a task in the autoloader that successfully passes the reactivation of the Windows copy. This process involves the creation of a virtual server that activates the pirated version of the operating system, making it suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, regardless of the hardware used.

A man using KMSAuto Net

In addition to Windows activation, KMSAuto Net also allows the activation of Microsoft Office. What sets this utility apart are its main advantages: a lightweight size of only a couple of megabytes, the ability to download and install system updates without blockages, and no memory “hang-ups.” Moreover, the activation process is fully automated, as the program independently determines the system status and the availability of Microsoft programs.

It is worth noting that KMSAuto is currently the only working Windows activator that can be installed on GPT disks, especially on systems with UEFI instead of traditional BIOS. Other activators do not have such functionality. Furthermore, KMSAuto Net is also suitable for server editions of Windows.


KMSAuto Net is a versatile application that can activate various editions of Windows, including Pro, Home, Enterprise, and Education. Moreover, it can activate all Microsoft Office products without needing a Product Key.

To utilize KMSAuto Net, follow these simple steps: download the application, extract the file and open it, run it as an administrator, click the “Activate” button on the main page, and select the desired Windows or MS Office version for activation. Finally, patiently wait until the activation process is complete.

With the comprehensive capabilities and ease of use provided by KMSAuto Net, it has become an essential tool for those seeking reliable and efficient Windows and Office activation.

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